Bozzetto means sketch…

A sketch is the first physical trace of our ideas. Self-developed brand Bozzetti combines many years of experience in interior design and multigenerational tradition of carpentry crafts. We propose original, outstanding solutions, in order to create future-proof forms which we believe will resist fleeting trends. Our furniture is fully produced in Poland. Our products are durable and comfortable. This is achieved by carefully selecting materials and setting high quality as our main priorityWe think that piece of furniture is well-designed when the user doesn’t question it.


We offer a constantly developing and growing collection of furniture with various functions. The range of production is limited only by our creativity. Some of our designs, through additional functionalities and the possibility of customization, allow greater freedom of use., Others, in both form and function, are simply for enjoyment. We highly suggest checking out our online configurator, which allows you to visualize your idea. All of our projects are copyrighted and are registered in EUIPO.